• Visual Design

  • User Research

  • Usability Testing

  • UX

  • UI

  • Interaction Design


Agricultural Mapping Platform

Velocity Maps was Monsanto’s first dive into creating a unified geospatial platform to visualize their research data in real time. We wanted to create a single dashboard that would allow users to move from project to project and pick up at the appropriate app for where they were in their season. The map needed to function dynamically but have a unified feel across the platform. Each various app would perform different functions, but needed to feel like art of a larger system.


Visual Evolution

Our original designs were built to explore the tools we would ultimately need to include across the platform. We found that most of the visuals felt dated and wanted to build for the long term. We settled on the material style seen above as it would provide an easier avenue to consistency across the geospatial apps. The below images are a few of the tested prototypes with varying UI patterns and placement.



Our early prototypes were run through multiple tests to ensure the right base feature set was provided to our users across the platform. We needed to determine what basic tools were universal to each product on the platform. Testing was conducted both in-person and over video chat using clickable prototypes. For each test we used a minimum of 5 participants.