Drew Carter
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  • Visual Design

  • UX

  • UI


Fast Paced Visual Design

Myself and one other designer were tasked with helping the dev team decide on a visual design for their application. It was built for iOS initially and we had a two week window to design and test this concept with real Plant Pathologists. It was a great learning experience on providing a validated quick turnaround for a team with a tight deadline.


App Functionality

On the surface the app was relatively simple. People in the field would collect photos of diseased or potentially diseased plants and submit them for review by the Plant Pathology team. The image was accompanied by a percentage certainty that the plant had the disease that was auto-calculated by the app’s algorithm. The Pathologists would have the ability to swipe left or right to confirm or deny that the plant featured in the photo had the disease shown.


Corn Rust



Simple Proof of Concept

This design was created over a two week period. We intended to show the main functionality and potential for providing some friendly competition between pathologists and researchers in the field. The visuals were selected intentionally to separate the app from other Agriculture products. They usually rely heavily on greens, browns, and yellows.