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Plant Dx

Plant Dx


Plant Dx was created as part of a 'Shark Tank' style competition where teams could present an idea and receive rounds of funding to bring the app to life. The team consisted of four developers and two designers. Plant Dx was created to help Plant Pathologists to identify plant diseases without ever needing to enter the field.  Users of the application could take photos of crops that had some visible disease.  The application would ultimately learn based on the pathologists responses and provide an automatic response to people in the field with a confidence percentage attached.  

Ultimately this project was well received and was granted a second round of funding.




A simple splash screen.  Myself and the other designer involved took the opportunity to create a color pallette not often seen in the agricultural field.

Log in.png

Log in

For the initial launch users would be internal employees of the company.  They would already possess log in credentials.



The settings menu is short and to the point.  Highlights here are a basic profile page and a leaderboard to help prompt Plant Pathologists to identify incoming images



Profile page helps individuals track their progress and rank among other pathologists. There was also the itnention to create some sort of badge achievement system that hadn't panned out at the time I left the project.



Feedback is key.  We wanted an open channel between the pathologists and the dev team to make changes and help tighten the algorithm.  


Disease Identity One

We chose a few common diseases to display during the presentation to help provide context.  


Disease Identity Two

Users would be provided basic information about the plant and its environment.  Location, temperature, humidity, and monthly precipitation.


Design Identity Three

We offered the ability to select from one of the options at the bottom or use left right gestures to answer. Incorrect, Correct, or Skip.


Positive Identification

The response when a user approves the suggested disease for an image.


Negative Identification

The response when a user disapproves the suggested disease for an image.



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