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Industrial Fan Control

Industrial Fan Control

The Industrial Fan Controller was our first entry into digital touch screens for the industrial space. This device is a resistive touch LCD screen that is water resistant and works easily with a pair of work gloves. The biggest challenge we faced was trying to fit modern screen experiences and conventions into a slightly older industrial design. We're extremely pleased with the work we've done and are excited to continue delivering functionality to this device in the near future.


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Main SCreen

We fought to keep the main screen as simple as possible. The main priority for most users is to simply turn the fan on or off and adjust the speed when they need to. We wanted to present the main UI in a way that was clear and visible even at a distance.

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Main Menu

The main menu breaks our functionality up into a few main components. Providing descriptive text helps to give users a preview of what they might find in each section.



Basic security was a top takeaway from our past customers. We wanted give a basic multilayered passcode setup that would allow for some flexibility with who had access to what parts of the controllers functionality. 

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Self-Sufficient Troubleshooting

With our first touch screen we opted to take a decent leap forward with our error handling. Rather than forcing customers to find a manual or call customer service we put the power back in their hands. Each error gives users potential solutions to their problem. 

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Let us Handle Things

The controller comes with a built in auto mode that lets the user set their desired temperature. The fan will automatically speed up or slow down based on your settings. We want to allow you to set it and forget it.

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Getting Started

To get a feel for how the device would feel and the spacing that would be required to easily interact with the interface I started with pen and paper overlaid on the device.


Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

We as a team iterated on the design to narrow down the look and refine the desired features before beginning our first round of testing.