• Research & Requirements Gathering

  • UX

  • UI and Visual Design

  • Usability Testing


Research & Discovery

The early stages for this design focused on interviewing customers about their habits using our existing controllers. We knew we were introducing our first touch screen controller, but we wanted to be sure to document our users various mental models before getting started.

We then moved into sketching and white boarding the flow and layout of the app. We ideated on what the UI might look like before setting out to create some basic prototypes.


Early Prototyping

The first prototype was a hand drawn sketch taped to a 3D printed device. We quickly got a better feel for the hit areas that we might be working with and moved into mocking up a few of the options we had created based on our user feedback from earlier. To test the designs we uploaded the prototypes to Invision and returned to our customers to run in person usability sessions. We kept this approach revisiting our customers throughout the design as well running online tests through


Final Product & Field Testing

The final product looked vastly different from out initial designs. We adapted quickly to understand the physical limitations of the design. We had to take hit areas into consideration and potential errors with users frequently operating the controls while wearing heavy work gloves. We’re extremely proud of the current design and how well its come together. We’re now offering one of the best industrial controllers on the market. Below are a few screens from the final product.



Updates & New Features

We’re continuously working to expand the features and functionality. As new updates become available they’ll be downloadable through the apps featured below. Our customer’s can then update their devices via Bluetooth. I designed these apps in conjunction with the design of the controller.

iPhone XR _ 1.png
iPhone XR _ 2.png

The updates app is available for iOS and Android platforms.