Drew Carter

i6 App: First Time Use



  • Visual Design

  • User Research

  • Usability Testing

  • UX

  • UI

  • Interaction Design


i6 Introduction

The i6 app was introduced in July 2019. It was designed as a sister app to the Haiku Home app to support the launch of our new i6 fan. Below are two workflows I designed that support the first time use and subsequent device on-boarding process for that fan.


First Time Use

Our FTU process has been streamlined to allow users skip the process entirely and get right to controlling their devices if need be. Signing in and creating and account has also been improved with better feedback and troubleshooting in the event of an error.



Image from iOS (29).jpg



Onboarding DEvices

The on-boarding process for i6 has made a few great leaps compared to the Haiku app. We now offer users the ability to connect to the device without ever leaving the app. They can discover and connect to their fans in a quick and seamless process that moves to get them interacting with their fan as soon as possible.