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Custom Haiku

Fan Buying Experience




Our residential line had a problem. They had a confusing product line with a complicated buying process that was shared industry wide.

Do you know exactly how tall the ceilings in your home are? How about the square footage of your rooms? What degree of slope does your ceiling have?  

All of these questions matter when buying a ceiling fan. In order to get the most out of the product the customer needs to easily and confidently make the right selections. The original site wasn't poorly designed. It offered a familiar set of selectable icons with a step through accordion style menu. The problem was that people needed more reassurance that they were making the right choices. Education needed to be built into the buying process. 

We felt strongly that if we were asking people to pay for a premium product, then we needed to offer them a premium buying expereince.  


A product centric approach

The first thing I did was make the product shot the focus of the builder. These fans are beautiful.  The industrial design alone draws people in. From there I worked towards framing out the specific controls and step by step navigation that would help walk potential customers through the buying process.




Choose Environment

Haiku is available in both indoor and outdoor models. We needed to emphasize the difference between the two.  A simple 'Learn More' section would be available to users at every step in the process.

Add LED Light Kit

An example 'Learn More' screen. These screens allow us to provide another high quality product image while offering different learning materials as well as the ability to modify their current setup.


Choose Fan Size

Easily the toughest part of the process. How do we get customers to accurately measure or estimate their ceiling heights? We're still working towards the best solution but progress is visible.

Smart Home Enabled

Connecting to wifi, Alexa, Ecobee, Nest, or our iOS and Android apps is now promoted in a discovery friendly way. We plan to explain the benefits using short videos.

Choose Fan Finish

These fans are easy on the eyes. I wanted to make sure potential customers had the opportunity to see that. Use the controls to zoom in and out, select from multiple viewpoints, or activate a quick clip of the fan in motion. 


Add Accessories

Haiku offers a fluctuating group of controls and other accessories. I made sure that this screen could accommodate an ever changing number of items in a dynamic card layout.

Order Summary

Customers will now have the ability to view a full page summary of their selections. They can optionally view a 'what's in the box?' section that lays out their choices to make them aware of what they should see when the product arrives. Specifications offers all product details as downloadable PDFs.



Ideas & Concepts