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Enterprise Mapping Platform


Enterprise Mapping Platform

A global mapping platform built for Breeders and Scientists. GIS is an ever expanding field and location data has never been more important. This platform allows employees to access information about their physical locations with speed and accuracy.



Accessible mapping

Employees can use this tool anywhere they can get an internet connection. Get work done at the office, or take it out with you into the field.


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Get everything out of the way. When the user isn't doing a specific task then they shouldn't be presented with every tool we offer. The main screen was designed to get out of the user's way when necessary.

Main Menu

The main menu continued to fluctuate before I left this project. We designed it for growth so that users would have the opportunity to dive deeper into tools when needed.


Learn about new features

Because this was an internal global platform we needed a way to manage the roll out of new features. Users would need an accessible and easy way to review new tools at launch.

These modals would be used for:

  • Welcome & Tutorial

  • New Features

  • System Downtime

  • Project Notification Details


Access your projects from anywhere

The ability to quickly save a project and move to a different machine and reopen or share that project has a huge impact on user adoption. Being able to share data from one user to another makes everyone more efficient.


Informing the User

This same modal was designed to be used to inform users about new features as well as an introductory education about what this product can be used for.  



Early Concepts




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VM Usability Results 2.jpg
VM Usability Results 3.jpg


My Role

UX, UI, User Research, Usability Testing, IxD