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Firmware Updates

Firmware Updates

The Industrial Fan Controller needed a simple way for users to update their devices when new features became available or for an emergency bug fix should something go wrong. To maximize the use of new features we made the Firmware Updates App available for both iOS and Android. We made simple changes to the UI to acomadate the differences each user would expect from their native environment.



The UI took inspiration from concepts that would be immediately familiar to iOS users. The app scans for available devices and presents them to users with identifying information.  Users can update and queue devices as needed.  



The  Android version is visually similar but tailored to Material Design.  Each device that connects to the Firmware App will display multiple states based on connectivity and status of download. For now the interface was kept simple and to the point so that users can easily find the updates they may need to use more advanced functionality with the Industrial Fan Control as it becomes available.